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Performance Cardio

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  1. Krankcycle with seat

    Krankcycle with seat

    Independent crank arms for increased selection of motion to maintain consumers engaged. Ergonomically developed saddle allows straightforward transition amongst seated and standing exercising positions. Adjustable crank arm height encourages higher variety of muscle activation. Crank and flywheel assembly rotates to accommodate forward and reverse movements. Slim crank axis makes it possible for for greater RPMs, growing velocity and endurance. Detachable seat for wheelchair accessibility and superior movements.
  2. S-Drive Performance Trainer (T-DPT)

    S-Drive Performance Trainer (T-DPT)

    Our unique design includes a sturdy, built-in bar that simulates sled pushing and pulling without needing the space to use a traditional sled. Multiple sled brake settings help coaches and trainers develop precise progression programs to maximize results.
  3. Rower


    Seat lock offers enhanced stability when getting on or off the rower. Compact footprint offers easy placement virtually anywhere in your facility. Ergonomic contours of the seat makes intense training sessions more comfortable than ever
  4. S-Force Performance Trainer

    S-Force Performance Trainer

    Find out how the unique design of the S-Force is redefining acceleration training for athletes and HIIT in group exercise environments.
  5. CXP Target Training Cycle

    CXP Target Training Cycle

    Attract more riders to your cycling classes and keep them coming back with our revolutionary CXP Target Training Cycle.
  6. CXM Training Cycle

    CXM Training Cycle

    CXM includes a generator-powered LCD console that’s as responsive as it is intuitive and easy-to-read. Our ANT+ and Bluetooth-compatible design makes it easy to track watts, heart rate, RPMs or laps.
  7. CXC Training Cycle

    CXC Training Cycle

    Our single-piece, weld-free drive system with an adjustment-free Flexonic belt provides consistent performance and will never warp, and our magnetic resistance system virtually eliminates internal friction and failure points.
  8. RXP Rower

    RXP Rower

    At Matrix, we believe that good is the enemy of great. So when we looked at our rower in 2012 and found that it was merely good, we went to work with the goal to create an unparalleled rowing experience.
  9. Performance Plus Treadmill (Coming Soon!)

    Performance Plus Treadmill (Coming Soon!)

    It’s time to rethink your expectations, because something new is coming. The robust design of the Performance Plus outlasts anything you put next to it, and it’s only available from Matrix. Everything changes the summer of 2020.
  10. Assault Airbike Elite

    Assault Airbike Elite

    The Assault AirBike console offers a crisp LCD screen that is packed with features for all users.

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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