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M7i Wheelchair Accessible Total Body Trainer

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Quick Overview

With its superior versatility, portability, flexibility and functionality, nothing in the market brings low-impact workouts to more people than the M7i.


Because success starts with access, the Keiser M7i Wheelchair Accessible Total Body Trainer is designed for easy use with any mobility device or a standard chair.

Additional Information

Dimensions 44.75" x W27.75" x L48.5" / 113.60 x 704.85 x 1231.90 mm
  • Works with any mobility device or a standard chair
  • Keiser magnetic resistance for ultra-smooth movement
  • Dependent upper and lower cranks to enable passive assistance
  • Low-impact workout that delivers accurate and measurable results
  • Easily transportable and features the smallest footprint in its class, taking up less space for more functional floor plans
  • 7-inch pedal stroke matches the height of actual stairs, allowing users to mimic real-work movement for daily activities
  • Low pedal height, making it easier for user to engage the unit
  • Back and side walls on pedal keep user’s foot on footpad
  • Pedals limit ankle flexion
  • Enhanced visibility for power display with large lettering and high contrast