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Specialty Bars

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  1. 7 Ft Black Olympic Bar

    7 Ft Black Olympic Bar

    Solid steel, black finish, for all Olympic plate.
  2. Keiser Lightweight Bar

    Keiser Lightweight Bar

    Weighing in at just under six pounds, The Lightweight Bar was designed specifically for use with the Keiser Racks. The bar attaches to the pneumatic collars on a bearing mechanism which allows for unhindered movement during pivots and rotations. The bar conforms to the International Power Lifting Federation standards for knurling and diameter.
  3. Interior Pull Up Bar

    Interior Pull Up Bar

    Keiser's interior pull up bar gives you various grip styles including a 2" OD horizontal grip, a 1 3/8" parallel grip, and a 1 3/8" angular grip. In addition, this interior adaptation of the pull up bar allows you to keep any existing accessories you already have on the outside of the rack and maximize the use of your rack (it can even hold fitness balls).
  4. 7’ Olympic Bar

    7’ Olympic Bar

    Our best economy 7’ chrome Olympic bar is the one we include in all our weight sets and is a staple of retail dealers nationwide.

4 Item(s)

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