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LeMond Fitness

Designed like great road bikes, all LeMond exercise and training bikes offer user-friendly adjustments and innovative cycling programs to make a workout and training program more effective. We also believe in giving back ... supporting young cyclists, helping athletes train, and working with kids to instill a lifelong appreciation of the power of being fit.

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  1. LeMond UT Upright Club Bike

    LeMond UT Upright Club Bike

    Built to deliver a better workout, every component of the HOIST© LeMond Series UT has been designed to make this the most innovative indoor recumbent bike available.
  2. LeMond UT Upright Trainer

    LeMond UT Upright Trainer

    Just imagine if all road bikes were the same size and you could only adjust the height of the seat. Think of how uncomfortable that would be for different sized riders. The same is true for training and exercise bikes - to get a great workout, you first need to make sure the bike fits the person riding it.


    The following generation LeMond RevMaster delivers you some great upgrades to the traditional product. For greatest riding ease and comfort, the new narrower crank design replicates the geometry of a excellent street bike. New Cam handles and increased adjustment ranges to seat and handlebars generate the greatest custom match available and presents you better muscle involvement. The four-way microfit also lets you routine in an upright placement or pedal stretched out and reduced, which is excellent for triathletes. Enhanced corrosion resistance by using electroless nickel plating and a new two piece bottom bracket cartridge make the RevMaster Professional even less complicated to sustain and support - with most elements pre-assembled.


    The RevMaster Sport combines the large high quality features of the unique Lemond RevMaster with the standard handlebar - generating it our most inexpensive product. Not only does the RevMaster Activity give you a terrific exercise routine, it is entertaining to journey - with straightforward changes to the seat and handlebars to make your exercise routine at ease and successful.
  5. LeMond UC Upright Club Bike

    LeMond UC Upright Club Bike

    Built to deliver a better workout, every component of the HOIST© LeMond Series UC Upright Club bike has been designed to make this the most innovative upright commercial bike available. Designed in partner with three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond, the UC combines innovative technology with unique features allowing the rider to create a custom riding experience for maximum comfort. A sleek, superior frame, easy-to-adjust-seat and upgraded large LED console display, which features HOIST’s one-of-a-kind CaloriePump™, are among the many features that define this bike as a leader in the commercial fitness industry.

5 Item(s)

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